The Manager's Guide to Enterprise Security Risk Management

Is security management changing so fast that you can’t keep up? Perhaps it seems like those traditional “best practices” in security no longer work? One answer might be that you need better best practices! In their new book, The Manager’s Guide to Enterprise Security Risk Management: Essentials of Risk-Based Security, two experienced professionals introduce ESRM. Their practical, organization-wide, integrated approach redefines the securing of an organization’s people and assets from being task-based to being risk-based. In their careers, the authors, Brian Allen and Rachelle Loyear, have been instrumental in successfully reorganizing the way security is handled in major corporations.

Book contents:

  1. What is Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM)?

  2. Why Does the Security Industry Need ESRM?

  3. Preparing to Implement an ESRM Program

  4. Following the ESRM Life Cycle