The Art of Organisational Resilience: Revisiting the Fall of France in 1940

The battlefield of the past is an opportunity for the future commander, the future manager to reflect. The books rationale for translating military concepts into management speak is the authors impression in the classroom that managers in commercial organisations tend to follow ‘outdated’ models of management, without reflecting on a military science that is believed to provide thought leadership. The case study of the Fall of France in 1940 is a contest between two archetypes of organisational resilience, with one prevailing over the other. The resulting insights shaped military science; concepts such as Auftragstaktik have found its way into doctrinal thinking of modern armies as well as framed contemporary management literature.

Book contents:

  1. The need for organisational resilience

  2. Strategic resilience

  3. Operational resilience

  4. Tactical resilience

  5. Leadership

  6. Logistics

  7. Roads to resilience