Succeeding with Your Masters Dissertation: A Practical Step-by Step Handbook

Succeeding with your Master's Dissertation is a step-by - step guide to completing your Master's dissertation. How do I plan a dissertation proposal? How do I clarify my research objectives? How do I conduct a literature review? What is essential to focus on while writing my Master's dissertation? This practical book offers straightforward guidance to help Master's students to clarify their objectives and structure their work in order to produce a successful dissertation. Using case examples of both good and bad student practice, the handbook takes students through each step of the dissertation process, from their initial research proposal to the final submission. The author uses clear illustrations of what students need to do - or not do - to reach their potential, helping them to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. Developing your I-skills

  3. Referencing and plagiarism

  4. Preparing for your dissertation

  5. The dissertation introduction

  6. The literature review

  7. Systematic reviews

  8. Research methods

  9. Writing up your findings

  10. Concluding your dissertation

  11. Writing the abstract

  12. Finally: viva, dissertation marking shceme and summary of good/bad practice