Strategic Security Management: A Risk Assessment Guide for Decision Makers

Strategic Security Management, Second Edition provides security leadership and decision-makers with a fresh perspective on threat, vulnerability, and risk assessment. The book offers a framework to look at applying security analysis and theory into practice for effective security program, implementation, management and evaluation. Chapters examine metric-based security resource allocation of countermeasures, including security procedures, utilization of personnel, and electronic measures. The new edition is fully updated to reflect the latest industry best-practices and includes contributions from security industry leaders―based on their years of professional experience―including Norman Bates, Robert Emery, Jack Follis, Steve Kaufer, Andrew Rubin, Michael Silva, and Ken Wheatley.

Book contents:

  1. Data-Driven Security

  2. Identifying Assets in Need of Protection

  3. Threat Assessments

  4. Crime Analysis

  5. Vulnerability Assessments

  6. Risk Assessments

  7. Crime Prevention Theories

  8. Security Measures: Governance

  9. Security Measures: Physical Security

  10. Security Measures: Personnel

  11. Project Management

  12. Gaining Support for Security Programs

  13. Forensic Security Consultants and Security Liability

  14. Workplace Violence Prevention

  15. Security Risk Modeling

  16. Security Program Leadership