Security and Risk Management: Critical Reflections and International Perspectives

This book incorporates the very latest research into an array of contemporary security and risk management related problems, providing both interesting perspectives and new insights into how organisations can better protect themselves and perform. It is an essential reading for those responsible for managing security and risk, security professionals, decision makers and students in the fields of security, risk, crisis, policing, criminology and international security. The topics covered in this first volume include: crisis and emergency management; resilience; insider threat; security failure analysis; countering fraud and corruption; organised crime; security risk management; criminal justice; policing; organisational learning and regulation. All of the chapters have been written by experts, Doctors, PhDs, doctoral researchers, MScs and senior security professionals.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. Creating High Reliability organisations Within Crisis Management

  3. Security and Risk Management: the Next Evolution, Applying the Multiplex View to Risk Management

  4. Insider Threat

  5. Understanding, Analysing, Preventing and Learning from Security Failures

  6. Organisations and Management: Inherent Resilience Inabilities

  7. Understanding Organised Crime: A Rationalized and Modern Perspective for Law Enforcement

  8. The Human Dimension: Rehabilitating the Human terrain System, A People-Centred Approach to Policing Diverse Communities

  9. Communication Peculiarities Between Believers of Islam and Public Servants

  10. Investigating the Public Perception of Door Supervision in the Night-Time Economy

  11. The Perils of Accurately Measuring fraud and Corruption: Is it Only Worth When Public Money is at Stake?

  12. Fraud is Difficult to Define

  13. Mutual Multi-Disciplinary Learning as a Pathway to Better Organisational Security