Retail Crime: International Evidence and Prevention

This edited collection provides an original and comprehensive take on retail crime and its prevention, by combining international data and multidisciplinary perspectives from criminologists, economists, geographers, police officers and other experts. Drawing on environmental criminology theory and situational crime prevention, it focusses on crime and safety in retail environments but also the interplay between individuals, products and settings such as stores, commercial streets and shopping malls, as well as the wider context of situational conditions of the supply chain in which crime occurs. Chapters offer state-of-the-art research on retail crime from a range of countries such as Australia, Brazil, Israel, Italy, Sweden, the UK and the USA. This methodological and well-researched study is devoted to both academics and practitioners from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds whose common interest is to prevent retail crime and overall retail loss.

Book contents:

  1. Retail Crime: Aim, Scope, Theoretical Framework and Definitions

  2. International Trends in Retail Crime and Prevention Practices

  3. Can We Ever Know Which Objects Thieves Most Desire? Lessons from Studying Shoplifted Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

  4. Who Steals from Shops, and Why? A Case Study of Prolific Shop Theft Offenders

  5. COPS and Robbers: Customer Operated Payment Systems, Self-Service Checkout and the Impact on Retail Crime

  6. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and Retail Crime: Exploring Offender Perspectives on Risk and Protective Factors in the Design and Layout of Retail Environments

  7. Shoplifting in Small Stores: A Qualitative Case Study in Perth, Western Australia

  8. Crime in a Scandinavian Shopping Centre

  9. Perceived Safety in a Shopping Centre: A Swedish Case Study

  10. Shopping Crime at Place: The Case of Tel Aviv-Yafo

  11. Crime at the Intersection of Rail and Retail

  12. Crime Against Trading: The Case of Cargo Theft in São Paulo

  13. Theft of Medicines from Hospitals as Organised Retail Crime: The Italian Case

  14. The Challenges to Preventing Losses in Retailing: Views from Retail Loss Prevention Managers and Directors

  15. Towards a Theory of Tagging in Retail Environments

  16. Practical Challenges and New Research Frontiers in Retail Crime and Its Prevention