Private Security

Private Security is now a multi-billion pound industry employing more personnel than the police. Bruce George and Mark Button provide the most incisive insight into the security world to date, scanning its weaknesses and exploring its potential. Their book is based upon original research, supported by years of experience, and suggests that new ways of looking at the modern security world are long overdue. Private Security is a highly innovative book containing a wealth of up-to-date material. It is the definitive guide to the security world.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. Private security defined?

  3. The origins of private policing and private security

  4. The growth of private security

  5. Organisations

  6. Manned security services

  7. Private sectordetention services

  8. Security storage and shredding services

  9. The professional security services

  10. Security products

  11. The margins of the private security industry

  12. The use of private security: an integrated service

  13. Retail security

  14. Aviation security

  15. Entertainment security

  16. Ministry of defence security

  17. Regulation and the private security industry