Private Policing

The second edition of Private Policing details the substantial involvement of private agents and organisations involved in policing beyond the public police. It develops a taxonomy of policing and explores in depth each of the main categories, examining the degree of privateness, amongst several other issues. The main categories include the public police; hybrid policing such as state policing bodies, specialised police forces and non-governmental organisations; voluntary policing; and the private security industry. This book explores how the public police and many other state bodies have significant degrees of privateness, from outright privatisation through to the serving of private interests. The book provides a theoretical framework for private policing, building upon the growing base of scholarship in this area. Fully revised, this new edition not only brings the old edition up to date with the substantial scholarship since 2002, but also provides more international context and several new chapters on: corporate security management, security officers, and private investigation. There is also a consideration of what the book calls the ‘new private security industry’ working largely in cyber-space.

Book contents:

  1. What is Private Policing?

  2. Explaining Private Policing

  3. "Extreme Profitshire" Revisited: The Public Police and Privatisation

  4. State Public Policing Bodies (Non-Police)

  5. Specialised Police Organisations

  6. Non-Governmental Organisations and Policing

  7. Voluntary Policing

  8. The Private Security Industry and Policing

  9. Corporate Security Management

  10. Security Officers and Policing

  11. Plural Policing the Case of Patrol

  12. Private Investigation and Policing

  13. The Regulation of Private Policing

  14. Private Policing: Concluding Comments