Prisons, Punishment and the Pursuit of Security

Drawing on research in men's long-term, maximum-security prisons, this book examines three interconnected problems: the tendency of the prison to obscure other social problems and conceal its own failings, the pursuit of greater levels of human security through repressive and violent means and the persistence of the belief in the problem of evil.

Book contents:

  1. Demythologising the Prison and its Uses

  2. The Growing Hegemony of Imprisonment

  3. Establishing Long-Term, Maximum-Security Imprisonment in England

  4. A State of Security in Maximum-Security Prisons

  5. Long-Term, Maximum-Security Punishment

  6. Constituting Security in the Penal and the Social Realms

  7. The Duplicity of Criminal Justice, Violent Crime and the Problem with Punishment

  8. Making the Unthinkable Thinkable