Preventing Crime: A Holistic Approach

Traditional "schools" of crime prevention, like the criminal justice model, social crime prevention or situational crime prevention, have proved to be too narrow and do not combine well with other approaches. However, each of these models provides important insights and contributions for reducing crime. By extracting the main preventive mechanisms of these diverse approaches, this book develops a more holistic, general model that consists of nine preventive mechanisms: building normative barriers to crime, reducing recruitment, deterrence, disruption, incapacitation, protecting vulnerable targets, reducing benefits of crime, reducing harm, and facilitating desistance.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction: a comprehensive model for preventing crime

  2. Doomestic burglary

  3. Violent youth gangs

  4. Organised crime originating from outlaw motorcycle clubs

  5. Driving under the influence

  6. Terrorism

  7. Concluding remarks on application and evaluation