National Security, Surveillance and Terror: Canada and Australia in Comparative Perspective

This edited collection brings together leading scholars to comparatively investigate national security, surveillance and terror in the early 21st century in two major western jurisdictions, Canada and Australia. Observing that much debate about these topics is dominated by US and UK perspectives, the volume provides penetrating analysis of national security and surveillance practices in two under-studied countries that reveals critical insights into current trends. Written by a wide range of experts in their respective fields, this book addresses a fascinating array of timely questions about the relationship among national security, privacy and terror in the two countries and beyond. Chapters include critical assessments of topics such as: National Security Intelligence Collection since 9/11, The Border as Checkpoint in an Age of Hemispheric Security and Surveillance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Law Enforcement, as well as Federal Government Departments and Security Regimes. An engaging and empirically driven study, this collection will be of great interest to scholars of security and surveillance studies, policing, and comparative criminology.

Book contents:

  1. Interrogating National Security, Surveillance, and Terror in Canada and Australia

  2. One Warrant to Rule Them All: Reconsidering the Judicialisation of Extraterritorial Intelligence Collection

  3. Australian National Security Intelligence Collection Since 9/11: Policy and Legislative Challenges

  4. The Supreme Court of Canada Presents: The Surveillant Charter and the Judicial Creation of Police Powers in Canada

  5. Assemblage, Counter-Law and the Legal Architecture of Australian Covert Surveillance

  6. The Australian Security Continuum: National and Corporate Security Gaps from a Surveillance Language Perspective

  7. Securitising ‘National Interests’: Canadian Federal Government Departments, Corporate Security Creep, and Security Regimes

  8. The ‘Security of Security’: Making Up the Australian Intelligence Community 1975–2015

  9. Justifying Insecurity: Canada’s Response to Terrorist Threat Circa 2015

  10. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Law Enforcement in Australia and Canada: Governance Through ‘Privacy’ in an Era of Counter-Law?

  11. The Canada–US Shiprider Programme, Jurisdiction and the Crime–Security Nexus

  12. Intelligence and National Security: Australian Dilemmas Post-9/11

  13. The Day the Border Died? The Canadian Border as Checkpoint in an Age of Hemispheric Security and Surveillance

  14. Surveillance and the Colonial Dream: Canada’s Surveillance of Indigenous Self-Determination