National Security Intelligence

National security intelligence is a vast, complex, and important topic, made doubly hard for citizens to understand because of the thick veils of secrecy that surround it. In the second edition of his definitive introduction to the field, leading intelligence expert Loch K. Johnson guides readers skilfully through this shadowy side of government. Drawing on over forty years of experience studying intelligence agencies and their activities, he explains the three primary missions of intelligence: information collection and analysis, counterintelligence, and covert action, before moving on to explore the wider dilemmas posed by the existence of secret government organizations in open, democratic societies.

Book contents:

  1. National Security Intelligence: The First Line of Defense

  2. Intelligence Collection and Analysis: Knowing about the World

  3. Covert Action: Secret Attempts to Shape History

  4. Counterintelligence: The Hunt for Moles

  5. Safeguards Against the Abuse of Secret Power

  6. National Security Intelligence: Shield and Hidden Sword of the Democracies