National Security and Double Government

Why has U.S. security policy scarcely changed from the Bush to the Obama administration? National Security and Double Government offers a disquieting answer. Michael J. Glennon challenges the myth that U.S. security policy is still forged by America's visible, "Madisonian institutions" - the President, Congress, and the courts. Their roles, he argues, have become largely illusory. Presidential control is now nominal, congressional oversight is dysfunctional, and judicial review is negligible. The book details the dramatic shift in power that has occurred from the Madisonian institutions to a concealed "Trumanite network" - the several hundred managers of the military, intelligence, diplomatic, and law enforcement agencies who are responsible for protecting the nation and who have come to operate largely immune from constitutional and electoral restraints

Book contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. The Trumanite Network

  3. The Sources of Madisonian Illusion

  4. The Reality of Madisonian Weakness

  5. Plausible Alternative Explanations for Policy Continuity

  6. Is Reform Possible? Checks, Smoke and Mirrors

  7. Conclusion