Microsoft Azure Security Center

Reflecting updates through mid-2019, this book presents comprehensive Azure Security Center techniques for safeguarding cloud and hybrid environments. Leading Microsoft security and cloud experts Yuri Diogenes and Dr. Thomas Shinder help you apply Azure Security Center’s robust protection, detection, and response capabilities in key operational scenarios. You’ll walk through securing any Azure workload, and optimizing key facets of modern security, from policies and identity to incident response and risk management. Brand-new coverage includes single-click remediation, IoT, improved container security, Azure Sentinel, and more. Whatever your security role, you’ll learn how to save hours, days, or even weeks by solving problems in the most efficient and reliable ways possible.

Book contents:

  1. The Threat Landscape

  2. Introduction to Azure Security `Center

  3. Policy Management

  4. Strengthen Your Security Posture

  5. Accessing Security Alerts from API

  6. Threat Detection

  7. Protect Your IoT Solution With Azure Security Center

  8. SIEM Integration

  9. Integration with Other Microsoft Solutions

  10. Accessing Security Center Alerts From API