Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents

Major accidents are rare events due to the many barriers, safeguards and defences developed by modern technologies. But they continue to happen with saddening regularity and their human and financial consequences are all too often unacceptably catastrophic. One of the greatest challenges we face is to develop more effective ways of both understanding and limiting their occurrence. This lucid book presents a set of common principles to further our knowledge of the causes of major accidents in a wide variety of high-technology systems. It also describes tools and techniques for managing the risks of such organizational accidents that go beyond those currently available to system managers and safety professionals.

Book contents:

  1. Hazards, Defences and Losses

  2. Defeating the Defences

  3. Dangerous Defences

  4. The Human Contribution

  5. Maintenance can Seriously Damage your System

  6. Navigating the Safety Space

  7. A Practical Guide to Error Management

  8. The Regulator’s Unhappy Lot

  9. Engineering a Safety Culture

  10. Reconciling the Different Approaches to Safety Management