Kali Linux Hacking

Do you want to become a proficient specialist in cybersecurity and you want to learn the fundamentals of ethical hacking? Do you want to have a detailed overview of all the basic tools provided by the best Linux distribution for ethical hacking? Have you scoured the internet looking for the perfect resource to help you get started with hacking, but became overwhelmed by the amount of disjointed information available on the topic of hacking and cybersecurity? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the book for you. Hacking is becoming more complex and sophisticated, and companies are scrambling to protect their digital assets against threats by setting up cybersecurity systems. These systems need to be routinely checked to ensure that these systems do the jobs they're designed to do. The people who can do these checks are penetration testers and ethical hackers, programmers who are trained to find and exploit vulnerabilities in networks and proffer ways to cover them up

Book contents:

  1. Introduction to Hacking

  2. Introduction to Networking

  3. Kali Linux: The hacker Operating System

  4. Basic Linux Commands

  5. Nmap and Detecting and Exploiting Vulnerabilities

  6. How to become and Remain Anonymous

  7. Metasploit Framework