Issues in Maritime Crime: Mayhem at Sea

This groundbreaking book offers new insights into aspects of maritime crime and its prevention. Its coverage of both domestic and international topics will appeal to all these interested in crime prevention, security and maritime issues. Subjects covered include: fraud, piracy, arson, theft, deception, smuggling and drug trafficking. There is also a focus on containerisation, boat watch, insurance, registration and marking schemes, physical security measures and their potential to prevent offending. Articles are written by internationally recognised experts on maritime crime. Papers refer to real cases offering a fascinating insight into the threat posed by maritime offences. The information in this text suggests that internationally and domestically the official response to maritime crime has too often been unimaginative, misdirected and partial.

Book contents:

  1. Fraud

  2. Piracy

  3. Arson

  4. Theft

  5. Smuggling