Introduction to Management

Introduction to Management (4th edition) is an ideal text for students studying management for the first time. Covering all of the functional areas of management, the new edition is updated to cover new developments in the field and includes new chapters on innovation, enterprise, risk management, ethics and responsibility.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. Managing in a Changing Environment

  3. Organisational and Managerial Performance

  4. Risk

  5. Ethics

  6. Globalisation

  7. Organisations, Managers and the Environment

  8. Case Study

  9. Strategy, Policy and Direction

  10. Investment Appraisal

  11. Marketing

  12. Managing Operations and Projects

  13. Financial Management

  14. Quantitative Methods

  15. Product and Service Development and Innovation

  16. Innovative, Creative and Entrepreneurial Management

  17. Culture

  18. Perception, Attitudes, Values and Beliefs

  19. Communication

  20. Organisation Technology, Structure and Design

  21. Human Resource Management

  22. Leadership and Management

  23. Case Study

  24. Management, Influence, Power and Authority

  25. Corporate Governance

  26. Teams and Groups

  27. Management and Motivation

  28. The Management of Conflict

  29. Management in Practice

  30. Managing for the Present and Future

  31. Case Study