Imagining security

This book is concerned with the ways in which the problem of security is thought about and promoted by a range of actors and agencies in the public, private and nongovernmental sectors. The authors are concerned not simply with the influence of risk-based thinking in the area of security, but seek rather to map the mentalities and practices of security found in a variety of sectors, and to understand the ways in which thinking from these sectors influence one another. Their particular concern is to understand the drivers of innovation in the governance of security, the conditions that make innovation possible and the ways in which innovation is imagined and realised by actors from a wide range of sectors.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. From state to nodal governance

  3. Community security and local governance: waves in public policing

  4. Human security and global governance

  5. Responding to governance deficits

  6. The governance of governance

  7. Explanatory themes

  8. Normative themes

  9. Legislation

  10. Legal cases