Homicide and Organised Crime: Ethnographic Narratives of Serious Violence in the Criminal Underworld

This book offers rich ethnographic and narrative accounts of men who have been engaged in serious violence and organised crime in the West Midlands of England, using several theoretical paradigms. Through case study examples, it also considers contract killers and the nefarious position that ‘hitmen’ occupy in the criminal underworld. By charting insider perspectives from retired law enforcement agents, informants, ex-military personnel and ex-offenders, this book speaks to those who have a vested interest in violence, organised crime and ethnography.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction and Methodology

  2. History, Homicide, Organised Crime, and Theory

  3. Contract Killers and Glocal Organised Crime: A Case Study of the ‘Baby-Faced’ Assassin

  4. Drugs, Guns, and Organised Crime: A Case Study of the Journeyman Hitman

  5. Violent Men: Trauma, Humiliation and Scenarios of Harm

  6. Homicide and Organised Crime in Birmingham, West Midlands: Future Directions and Closing Comments