Experiential learning: experience as the source of learning and development

Drawing from the intellectual origins of experiential learning in the works of John Dewey, Kurt Lewin, and Jean Piaget, this comprehensive and systematic book describes the process of experiential learning. The author proposes a model of the underlying structures of the learning process based on research in psychology, philosophy, and physiology, and bases its typology of individual learning styles and corresponding structures of knowledge in different academic disciplines and careers on this structural model. He also applies experiential learning to higher education and lifelong learning, particularly with regard to adult education.

Book contents:

  1. The Foundations of Contemporary Approaches to Experiential Learning

  2. The Process of Experiential Learning

  3. Structural Foundations of the Learning Process

  4. Individuality in Learning and the Concept of Learning Styles

  5. The Structure of Knowledge

  6. The Experiential Learning Theory of Development

  7. Learning and Development in Higher Education

  8. Lifelong Learning and Integrative Development