Desistance from Crime: New Advances in Theory and Research

This book represents a brief treatise on the theory and research behind the concept of desistance from crime. This ever-growing field has become increasingly relevant as questions of serious issues regarding sentencing, probation and the penal system continue to go unanswered. Rocque covers the history of research on desistance from crime and provides a discussion of research and theories on the topic before looking towards the future of the application of desistance to policy. The focus of the volume is to provide an overview of the practical and theoretical developments to better understand desistance. In addition, a multidisciplinary, integrative theoretical perspective is presented, ensuring that it will be of particular interest for students and scholars of criminology and the criminal justice system.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. Desistance in Perspective: Historical Work and the Identification of a Field of Study

  3. Desistance under the Microscope: The Definition and Measurement of Desistance in Modern Criminology

  4. What Do We Know? Longitudinal Studies and Correlates of Desistance

  5. Putting It All Together: Theories of Desistance from Crime

  6. Integrated and Equal Is Better: How Desistance Theories Represent the Process of Maturation

  7. Putting Desistance Research to Work: Policy and Desistance Theory