Cyber Frauds, Scams and their Victims

Crime is undergoing a metamorphosis. The online technological revolution has created new opportunities for a wide variety of crimes which can be perpetrated on an industrial scale, and crimes traditionally committed in an offline environment are increasingly being transitioned to an online environment. This book takes a case study-based approach to exploring the types, perpetrators and victims of cyber frauds and argues for a greater need to understand and respond to cyber fraud and scams in a more effective and victim-centred manner. It explores the victim-blaming discourse, before moving on to examine the structures of support in place to assist victims, noting some of the interesting initiatives from around the world and the emerging strategies to counter this problem. This book is essential reading for students and researchers engaged in cyber crime, victimology and international fraud.

Book contents:

  1. The Dark Side of Crime: Cyber Frauds and Scams

  2. It Could Be You: Victims and the Diversity of Fraud

  3. Gullible, Greedy or Stupid Surely? Falling for Cyber Frauds and Scams: The Techniques of the Fraudsters

  4. Not A Victimless Crime: The Impact of Fraud Upon Victims

  5. Blaming The Victim

  6. Forgotten Victims: Supporting Those Who Experience Fraud

  7. Policing and Punishment for Cyber Frauds and Scams

  8. Preventing Cyber Frauds and Scams

  9. Conclusion: The Future of Cyber Frauds and Scams