Critical Security Studies

Critical Security Studies introduces students to the sub-field through a detailed yet accessible survey of evolving approaches and key issues. his new edition contains two new chapters and has been fully revised and updated. The book is divided into two main parts. The first part, ‘Approaches’, surveys the newly extended and contested theoretical terrain of critical security studies: Critical Theory, Feminism and gender theory, Postcolonialism, Poststructuralism and Securitization theory. The second part, ‘Issues’, then illustrates these various theoretical approaches against the backdrop of a diverse range of issues in contemporary security practices, from environmental, human and homeland security to border security, technology and warfare, and the War against Terrorism. This edition also includes new chapters on Constructivist theories (Part I) and health (Part II).

Book contents:

  1. Constructivist Theories

  2. Critical Theory

  3. feminist and Gender Approaches

  4. Postcolonial Perspectives

  5. Poststructuralism and International Political Sociology

  6. Securisation Theory

  7. Environmental Security

  8. Health

  9. Homeland Security and the War Against Terrorism

  10. Human Security and Development

  11. Migration and Border Security

  12. Technology and Warfare in the Information Age