Criminology: A Sociological Introduction

Comprehensive, critical and accessible, Criminology: A Sociological Introduction offers an authoritative overview of the study of criminology, from early theoretical perspectives to pressing contemporary issues such as the globalisation of crime, crimes against the environment, terrorism and cybercrime. Authored by an internationally renowned and experienced group of authors in the Department of Sociology at the University of Essex, this is a truly international criminology text that delves into areas that other texts may only reference.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. Histories of Crime

  3. Researching Crime

  4. Enlightenment and Early Traditions

  5. Early Sociological Thinking about Crime

  6. Radicalizing Traditions: Marxism, feminism and Foucault

  7. Crime, Social Theory and Social Change

  8. Crime, Place and Space

  9. Victims and Victimization

  10. Life Course Criminology

  11. Theft, Fraud and Other Property Crimes

  12. Crime, Sexuality and Gender

  13. Crime, the Emotions and Social Psychology

  14. Organised Crime

  15. Corporate Crime and Crimes of the Powerful

  16. Drugs, Alcohol, Health and Crime

  17. Thinking about Punishment

  18. The Criminal Justice Process

  19. The Police and Policing

  20. Prisons and Imprisonment

  21. Green Criminology and Environmental Crime

  22. Crime and Media

  23. Digital Criminology and Cybercrime

  24. Political Violence, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism

  25. State Crime and War Crime

  26. Criminological Futures