Crime at Work Vol 3: Managing Security

Managing Security incorporates the very latest research into an array of internal and external security threats, providing new insights into how businesses and organisation can better protect themselves. This book is essential reading for those responsible for managing and developing security, crime and risk policies. Topics covered include: reducing employee dishonesty; management views on loss prevention; tackling shrinkage throughout the supply chain; organising and controlling payment card fraud; trafficking in women for the purposes of sexual exploitation (including the role of business people); money laundering; shoplifting; an evaluation of Business Crime Direct; the impact of September 11th on the UK business community; staff dishonesty; and methodologies to tackle shrinkage. All chapters are written by experts.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. If You Don't Call Us, We'll Call You: The Experiences of Business Crime Direct

  3. Loss Prevention: Senior Management Views on Current Trends and Issues

  4. Tackling Shrinkage throughout the Supply Chain: What Role for Automatic Product Identification?

  5. Organising and Controlling Payment Card Fraud: Fraudsters and Their Operational Environment

  6. Can Information Technology Help in the Search for Money Laundering? The Views of Financial Companies

  7. Trafficking in Women for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation: Knowledge-based Preventative Strategies from Italy

  8. Stealing from Shops: A Survey of the European Dimension

  9. Shoplifting: Patterns of Offending Among Persistent Burglars

  10. Reducing Employee Dishonesty: In Search of the Right Strategy

  11. 'Troublemakers' and 'Nothing to Lose' Employee Offenders Identified from and Corporate Crime Data Sample

  12. ackling Shrinkage in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Supply Chain: Developing an Methodology

  13. Managing Terrorist Targeting of Financial Centres: The IRA's City of London Campaign

  14. The Impact of 11th September on the UK Business Community