Crime and Security : Managing the Risk to Safe Shopping

This important book offers unique insights into crime and its prevention in retailing. It is the first comparative study of crime and nuisance in town centres and shopping centres. The book contributes directly to the current debate about the vitality and viability of ghigh-street shopping. It discusses critically the use and effectiveness of a range of security options, including the role of security guards and the 'privatisation' of policing in the retail sector. A detailed examination is made of the burgeoning use of closed circuit television, something which is contrasted with the lack of information about its effectiveness. This timely and major contribution is of interest to retailers, town-centre and shopping-centre managers, the private security industry and police officers, as well as academics and students.

Book contents:

  1. Crime and Nuisance in Context

  2. Criminal Threats to Safe Shopping

  3. Crime and Nuisance: The Customers’ Perspective

  4. Crime and Nuisance: The Managers’ Perspective

  5. Existing Security Measures: An Audit

  6. Regulating the Private Security Industry

  7. Management Priorities and Security

  8. The Use of Closed Circuit Television

  9. CCTV and the ‘High-Tech Fix’: Some Unanswered Questions

  10. Security Shutters: Designing Out Crime or Designing In Anxiety?

  11. Conclusion