Corporate security in the 21st century: theory and practice in international perspective

This interdisciplinary collection places corporate security in a theoretical and global context. Arguing that corporate security is becoming the primary form of security in the twenty-first century and affecting an increasing number of people inside and outside of corporations, this is one of the first books to examine corporate security practices in multiple countries and from multiple perspectives. Bringing together key international scholars from sociology, criminology, political science, critical security studies, international relations, and law, the contributors reveal corporate security practices as diverse, complex, and theoretically-stimulating, and explore a range of issues including regulation, accountability, militarization and strategies of securitization.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction: Governing Every Person, Place, and Thing — Critical Studies of Corporate Security

  2. Corporate Security at Ford Motor Company: From the Great War to the Cold War

  3. Beyond the Regulatory Gaze? Corporate Security, (In)Visibility, and the Modern State

  4. The Private Eyes of Corporate Culture: The Forensic Accounting and Corporate Investigation Industry and the Production of Corporate Financial Security

  5. The Politics of Corporate Security and the Translation of National Security

  6. Corporate Security: Governing through Private and Public Law

  7. Expertise and the Professionalization of Municipal Corporate Security in Canadian Cities

  8. Operational Risk and Reputational Compromise: Managing the Militarization of Corporate Security in Iraq

  9. Relationships and Conflicts in University Corporate Security Networks

  10. Corporate Security, Licensing, and Civil Accountability in the Australian Night-Time Economy

  11. Trends and Issues in Corporate Security Practice and Regulation in Australia

  12. Corporate Security and the Stratum of Security Management

  13. Corporate Security and Enterprise Risk Management

  14. Crime and Security Liability Concerns at Shopping Centers