Corporate Investigations, Corporate Justice and Public-Private Relations: Towards a New Conceptualisation

This book seeks to understand the investigation and settlement of employer/employee disputes within companies. It argues that there is effectively no democratic knowledge about, or control over, corporate security, due to companies' preference for private, out-of-court settlements when faced with norm violations raised by employees. This book fills the knowledge gap by providing an overview of the corporate security sector including legal frameworks and an analysis of the role and powers of private investigative services, inhouse security, forensic accountants and forensic legal investigators. It draws on close observation, case studies and interviews with practitioners in and around the industry. Corporate Investigations, Corporate Justice and Public-Private Relations also looks at public-private relationships in this sector to propose policy remedies applicable to all corporate security providers, regardless of the disparate professional backgrounds and skill-sets of their staff.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction, Theory and Research Questions

  2. Legal Frameworks

  3. Corporate Investigations

  4. Corporate Settlements

  5. Public-Private Relations as Coexistence

  6. Discussion