Confident Cyber Security: How to Get Started in Cyber Security and Futureproof Your Career

The world is more digitally connected than ever before, and with this connectivity, comes vulnerability. It is therefore vital that all professionals understand cyber risk and how to minimize it. This means that cyber security skills are in huge demand, and there are vast career opportunities to be taken. Confident Cyber Security is here to help. This jargon-busting guide will give you a clear overview of the world of cyber security. Exploring everything from the human side to the technical and physical implications, this book takes you through the fundamentals: how to keep secrets safe, how to stop people being manipulated and how to protect people, businesses and countries from those who wish to do harm. Featuring real-world case studies from Disney, the NHS, Taylor Swift and Frank Abagnale, as well as social media influencers and the entertainment and other industries, this book is packed with clear explanations, sound advice and practical exercises to help you understand and apply the principles of cyber security. Let Confident Cyber Security give you that cutting-edge career boost you seek.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction to Cyber Security

  2. What Cyber Security Is

  3. Why Cyber Security is Important

  4. Technical Vulnerabilities

  5. Why People are so Important in Cyber Security

  6. Social Engineering

  7. Attacks that Utilize Social Engineering

  8. Why Physical Space Matters in Cyber Security

  9. How organizations Can Better Protect Themselves

  10. How Individuals Can Better Protect Themselves

  11. Assessing TLS Services

  12. Nation-State Cyber Security: Geopolitics

  13. Cyber Security in Different Industries

  14. Cyber Security at the Board level

  15. Pursuing a Cyber Security Career

  16. The Variety of Cyber security Careers