Computer Networking and Cybersecurity

This book delivers a variety of computer networking-related topics to be easily understood by beginners. It focuses on enabling you to create a strong foundation of concepts of some of the most popular topics in this area. We have provided the reader with a one-stop highway to learning about the fundamentals of computer networking, Internet connectivity, cybersecurity, and hacking.

Book contents:

  1. Computer Netwroking Basics

  2. Networking Services Explained

  3. Getting Into The Networking Hardware

  4. Wireless Communication Systems and Conecting to the Internet

  5. Common Network Protocols and Ports

  6. Learning About the OSI Networking Model

  7. Network Security, Cybersecurity and Hacking Methods

  8. Useful Cybersecurity Tips for 2020

  9. Cybersecurity and Why It's Important

  10. Cyberattacks and 10 Types of Cyber Hackers

  11. Recognizing and Countering a Phishing Attack

  12. How to Identify and Remove Malware

  13. Recovering from Ransomware

  14. How to Spot and Stop a Social Engineering Attack

  15. Network Security and Protection Techniques

  16. Web Application and Smartphone Security

  17. Security Testing Methods

  18. Skills Required for a Career in Cybersecurity

  19. Conclusion