Building Resilience for Success: A Resource for Managers and Organizations

Resilience is a word that is used in many different ways in different contexts, this new and innovative book focuses on psychological resilience in the workplace, examining other key aspects such as physical health and resilient teams, drawing from the latest research and the authors own practical experience.

Book contents:

  1. Introduction—Setting the Scene

  2. “The Individual”—A Framework for Understanding Personal Resilience

  3. “The Individual + The Situation”—Personal Resilience at Work

  4. Resilience-Building Over the Years—From Remedial to Performance-Enhancing

  5. What Individuals Can Do to Build Their Resilience

  6. What Individuals can do: Strengthening the Four Personal Resilience Resources

  7. Organizational Approaches: The Individual at Work

  8. Organizational Interventions: The Workplace Situation

  9. Resilience-Building: Implications for Employers