Blackstone's Counter-Terrorism Handbook

Accessible and portable, this Handbook provides all counter-terrorism practitioners with an authoritative, operational guide to anti-terrorism legislation. It also contains important contextual chapters on the counter-terrorism operational framework, the national structures and strategies, and the role and functions of key agencies. The fourth edition includes coverage of the Government's updated CONTEST Strategy, Cyber Security Strategy, National Security Strategy and the national response to terrorist emergencies. It also presents a summary of the current threat in the UK covering the last five years, a new chapter on overseas counter-terrorism strategy, new case studies on counter-terrorism investigations, guidance on the Government Protective Marking Scheme, and practical scenarios and checklists to illustrate the operational application of anti-terror laws.

Book contents:

  1. Terrorist Threat to the UK

  2. Counter-Terrorism Strategy

  3. Counter-Terrorism Practice

  4. Terrorism

  5. Terrorism Offences

  6. General Offences

  7. International Issues

  8. Stop and Search and Other Powers

  9. Arrest and Detention

  10. Terrorist Investigations

  11. Cordons

  12. Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures and other orders

  13. Counter-Terrorism Border Control

  14. Hostile State Activity Ports Powers

  15. Offences at Ports

  16. Proscribed Organisations

  17. Terrorist Financing

  18. Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Weapons and Material

  19. Notification Requirements