Advanced Persistent Security: A Cyberwarfare Approach to Implementing Adaptive Enterprise Protection, Detection, and Reaction Strategies

Advanced Persistent Security covers secure network design and implementation, including authentication, authorization, data and access integrity, network monitoring, and risk assessment. Using such recent high profile cases as Target, Sony, and Home Depot, the book explores information security risks, identifies the common threats organizations face, and presents tactics on how to prioritize the right countermeasures. The book discusses concepts such as malignant versus malicious threats, adversary mentality, motivation, the economics of cybercrime, the criminal infrastructure, dark webs, and the criminals organizations currently face.

Book contents:

  1. What Is Advanced Persistent Security?

  2. Cyberwarfare Concepts

  3. What Is Proaction?

  4. Risk Management

  5. How to Hack Computers

  6. Threat

  7. Adversary Infrastructure

  8. Governance

  9. Vulnerabilities to Address

  10. Countermeasures

  11. Security Culture

  12. What Is Threat Intelligence?

  13. What Is Detection?

  14. Detection Deficit Disorder

  15. The Human Intrusion Detection System

  16. Kill Chain Analysis

  17. Setting Reaction Strategy

  18. Incident Response and Investigations

  19. Know Yourself

  20. Know Your Adversaries

  21. Define Your Strategy

  22. Determining the Appropriate Countermeasures

  23. Advanced Persistent Security