A Risk Management Approach to Business Continuity: Aligning Business Continuity with Corporate Governance

First Practical Guide to Integrating Risk Management,Business Continuity Management and Corporate Governance From Two World-Renowned BCM Pioneers Who Have Served on the British Standards Institution (BSI) Team Creating a British and International Standard for Risk Management. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is currently developing disaster preparedness standards for businesses. DHS is incorporating language from the British Standards Institution (BSI) because it "provides a management systems approach to business continuity and integrates risk management disciplines and processes." The two authors of this now classic text in the field have been directly involved in developing those BSI standards. Here they bring you a distillation of their worldwide experience in pioneering the integration of the disciplines of risk management and business continuity.

Book contents:

  1. A RiskBased Approach To Business Continuity

  2. Stakeholders

  3. Governance Good Practice Standards Regulation and the Law

  4. Culture Strategy Performance Risk and Business Continuity

  5. Getting Started The Business Continuity Management Cycle

  6. Introduction to the Business Impact Analysis

  7. The Business Impact Analysis A HitchHikers Guide

  8. Application and Uses of BIA Information

  9. Technology Exposures and Continuity

  10. Dependency Management Supplier Management Outsourcing and Business Support

  11. Opportunities and Other Applications for Business Continuity Tools and Principles

  12. The People Factor

  13. The Value of Insurance When Facing Potentially Catastrophic Risk

  14. Communications

  15. Emergency and Governmental Services

  16. Rehearsals and Exercising of Plans and Risk Decision Making

  17. Maintenance Benchmarking Assurance and Audit

  18. Developing a Plan Putting Theory Into Practice

  19. British Standard PAS 56 Guide to Business Continuity Management