Security rating

The security rating of is A+ when looking at it through Mozilla's Observatory. It scores 135/100 to be more specific, and very few websites achieve this grade. In here thus, you are relatively more secure than somewhere else.

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Speed index

The average speed index of this website is 0.3s on desktop and 0.9s on mobile devices; and its PageSpeed Insights rating is 100. Regardless of your internet browser and network signal strengh, pages will load fast, really fast. So far, the best performance has been a website fully loaded in 84ms. We shall see how this can be further improved.

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W3C compliance

W3C compliance means that the HTML and CSS code that a website is built with is fully compliant with the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C for short). The W3C standards are extremely strict, with no room for interpretation. is fully compliant with W3C standards.

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On this website, there is no cookie, but there is a small security buiscuit, it's __cfduid and it's to detect malicious visitors to this website and minimize blocking legitimate users.


Here is a link for us to check the ranking of this website based on the keywords: 'security', 'courses', and 'online'. Not so bad afterall :-)

So, in a nutshell, this website has been designed with three principles in mind: Security, Performance and Privacy; and it has been designed for you, that's all really. Happy browsing!