Matthieu Petrigh

Here I am

My name is Matthieu Petrigh and I am a security practitioner and independent consultant specialising in security problem reformulation, conceptualisation and problem-solving. I also like to write about security, society and technology and on how all these things interact. I am born in France, educated in United Kingdom and living between Paris, London and Vilnius. As a passionate entrepreneur, I get a lot of satisfaction helping others achieve security and succeed, be a person, a small business or a Fortune 500 company.

I started this site in 2020 as a platform for collecting links to educational material and technical knowledge as they relate to security. Today, it is one of my life's ongoing projects, with over 2,000 pages, posts, tutorials, articles, and other types of content published.

I use my website as a means of organising everything I have learned and would like to learn, and then as a way to share those things with others.

Professional career

I enrolled into the French Foreign Legion in 1998 when I was 18 years old and spent five years there. In 2003, I started to work as a security team leader in a five stars palace located alongside the French Riviera; that was my first step into the private security industry, something you can't really forget.

Today, I am the Head of Operations of a security company based in London and work as an independent security consultant in my spare time; and between my first step and current positions, I climbed the ladder progressively.

Since recently, I am also a consultant in the technical aspects of website performance (speed, structure, accessibility, ranking, compliance) and Internet facing security; and offer my services to SMEs.


In terms of formal education, I have been studying in UK at the University of Portsmouth and I hold a BSc in Security Risk Management. I also continued my studies at Master's level on a MRes in Security and Risk Management.

In terms of informal education, I have been self-studying computer programming, coding and design; and also other subsets of computer and human sciences. I consider myself as a life-long learner, so as to speak.

Interests and activities

I like to research stuff that relates to the broad concept of security, theorise about many things and listen to people around me. I also enjoy finding patterns and connections in things and rationalising behaviours and events. I am a kind of critical thinker who likes to take his time to think and try his theories in the real world to see how they work and how everything moves together.

As for activities, I most enjoy cross-disciplines reading that builds towards a better understanding of security. More precisely, I like to read old books and manuscripts that speak about biology, cybernetics, psychology, existentialism, logic, dialectic, theology, sociology, technology and security.

I have a strong taste for minimalism, efficiency and simplicity, and I get extreme pleasure from contemplating people, nature and the universe.

I also practice a martial art called iron palming and like to train my hands grip and pinch; and that's for the physical training aspect of myself.

Reaching out

So that’s a bit of me being true about myself on the Internet, and encouraging you to be the same (moderately). If you have a question, want to comment on something, or if you want to say hello or hire then me please do so.

You can find me on LinkedIn or send me an email at

Best wishes