Opportunities for Any Size Business

Security-courses.online is a mobile friendly website that connects people with great courses providers and books authors with their readers. Thousands of visitors browse this website every day to read its contents and make purchase decisions. The Ads Solutions feature your business, course or book when visitors search for a course or book, or a business like yours.

Targeted advertising

Targeted Ads put your business and its products in front of consumers who are looking to make a purchase. 73% of our website users visit intending to buy a course or a book and 84% of those who buy a book do so within a week, according to the reports provided by Amazon.

Targeted Ads place your products on the front page, sidebar and footer of security-courses.online and various combinations are possible.

Premium placement on search results and competitors' courses pages

Drive traffic to your products with Premium Ads, which appear in a variety of places, including on relevant search result pages and competitors' pages on security-courses.online, and other properties such as blog articles and customised landing pages.

Customised Ads

Ads can be in a form of a text, graphic art or banner in line with your marketing strategy.

Presence on mobile and desktop devices

Over half of our visits come from users on mobile devices. Security-courses.online's Ads Solutions promote your business and products across all platforms: desktop and mobile website.

I am here to help

I know that many practices don’t have the luxury of full-time dedicated marketers. That’s why I am here to help you approach Ads Solutions in a way that makes sense for your specialty, market and budget. With my ongoing support, you’ll have a tailored advertising solution developed according to your needs.

Ready to get started?

Ready to start advertising on security-courses.online?

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